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Co2olBricks came to an end –
Joint Declaration signed with recommendations for future action!

With the Co2olBricks Results and Joint Declaration Signing Conference on 3rd December2013 with 200 participants and the wide range of talks that were given Co2olBricks has come to an end. But this is not the end of our work. All project partners continue their work and also our network of course will further on exist. Although we might not meet too often in the near future, we can be sure that all are working in the same direction. This direction had been laid out in the Joint Declaration which was publicly signed by all project partners at the conference.

I would like to thank all project partners for the good cooperation which has resulted in an impressive list of publications which can be downloaded from this website (see below). The website will stay online for the next 5 years.

It is clear that Co2olBricks was only the beginning of a discussion how historic buildings can contribute their share to climate change mitigation. We were able to broaden and advance the knowledge among the relevant stakeholders like house owners, heritage protection departments, politicians and administrations. Our publications, workshops and conferences considerably raised the awareness for the possibilities of energy efficiency in historic buildings without destroying their historic values. The important result here is that a much bigger support e.g. from politicians and administration for these possibilities can be stated and also more architects and planners are now more open minded to these possibilities. The general public as well gained a better understanding of the historic values of the historic buildings and has understood that climate change mitigation and heritage protection are no contradiction and that one of the most important resource are intelligent experts.

So we are confident that energy efficiency rehabilitation of historic buildings can reach an overall higher level if the will is there.


Co2olBricks Joint Declaration (with signatures here) and Policy Paper


Some more information about the project here.


Information about all project partners here.


Main Project results are online here.

(source: RCTT)
(source: Göran Fredriksson, The Stockholm City Museum)

(source: Nicolai Wieckmann, DA Hamburg)