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01.02.2012 | Stockholm | Sweden

National coordination meeting and expert seminar in Stockholm

On 1st of February, there was an expert seminar in Stockholm on energy efficiency in historical buildings. The participants came from whole over Sweden.

Mr. Jonas Ericson from Saving Energy Economically/The Environment and Health Department of Stockholm, held a short presentation about a proposed upcoming project that will focus on the difference between theoretical EE and actual EE. The difference is called the energy efficiency gap.

Mr Waldnert from The Real Estate Administration of Stockholm, talked about the cooperation with the Stockholm City Museum and how the cultural values in many ways become more easy to handle once they are defined at an early stage.

The discussion focused cooperation and increased knowledge exchange between energy experts, heritage experts. If the issue of heritage can be addressed at an early stage the technical solution could be adapted to the specific values more easily.

Also the whole lifecycle of the building could be accounted for. The energy used to build an older building is already “paid off” and is it therefore possible to take that into account when setting energy efficiency targets?

The objection was that the energy efficiency measures are calculated from the energy use of the building stock today and that the work to decrease the energy use must continue.


(source: Tomas Örn, The Stockholm City Museum 2012)