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19.08.2011 | Gdansk | Poland

Styrofoam Monsters

"Styrofoam Monsters" is the name given during the “Black March against the violence against brick architecture of the Free City of Gdansk”  to describe buildings where this popular method of insulation was used. “R.I.P. Palknof terraces”, “R.I.P Hospital of Ministry of Interior” were some of the  inscriptions on tombstones presented during the event that were supposed to symbolize damaged facades of several historical brick objects of Gdansk. The aim of the demonstration was to draw the attention of our citizens to the fact that it is the whole society that needs to take responsibility for protection of our heritage – not only the Voivodeship Conservation Officer, but also regular owners of the real estates. Ordinary citizen, not very interested in the subject of monuments and their protection, is not aware of the deleterious effect styrofoam has on brick buildings. Participants of the march wanted to underline that objects insulated with this material lose their unique character, the facade is damaged for good and within several years such buildings start to have problems with humidity and fungus.  The demonstration finished in front of the office of the Voivodeship Conservation Officer, where a symbolic cemetery of building destroyed by the use of styrofoam was raised.


(source: EFOZ)