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07.03.2012 |Visby | Sweden

Workshop for Swedish national authorities

The Swedish National Heritage Board has now started with the work to plan for two workshops on the theme “Energy efficiency in historical buildings, means of control, guidelines, competence and methodology”. The workshop is part of Co2olBricks work package 3.3 Expertises and 3.4 Regional Joint Strategic Activities and will be made in cooperation with researchers from a national research and development programme on energy efficiency in historic buildings. The purpose of the workshop is to gather the concerned authorities to discuss the consequences, of the new energy targets for historical buildings, also to encourage for cooperation in the matters of energy efficiency issues in protected buildings but also for those buildings that do not have such a significant protection as for example listed buildings.  The invited authorities are The National Property Board, The Swedish Energy Agency, and The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. All of these authorities are involved in the process of implementing the EU directives on energy performance into the Swedish law system.

Before the workshop Swedish National Heritage Board is now on a tour visiting each authority presenting the results and conclusions of the baseline study made in work package 3, Co2olBricks. The point is to give the different authority a possibility to come with input to the programme for the workshop and to save time for more discussions at the workshop in May/June 2012.


Tour and expert workshop

On the 28th of February the first stop at Swedish National Heritage Board's tour was at The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning in Karlskrona, situated on the south east side of Sweden. They are mainly working with the Swedish building regulations and the system for energy audits. They discussed e.g. the need for tools for assessment of cultural values when performing energy audits and the proposal of energy efficiency measures, meaning of reasonable level of reaching the new energy targets in the building regulation in refurbishment and the need for overview of policies and economic instruments to discuss the development.

On the 5th of March Swedish National Heritage Board also had an expert workshop with researchers from the University of Gotland in order to discuss the project  “ Potential and policies for energy efficiency in Swedish buildings built before 1945“ which objective is to describe the consequences, with respect to conservation and technical aspects, of the new energy targets.