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01.04.2012 | Frankfurt/Berlin | Germany

KfW-Effizienzhaus Denkmal / KfW-Energy efficient monument
Energieberater Denkmal/ Energy adviser monument

In Germany a new funding programme of the KfW-Förderbank (German promotional bank of the Federal Republic and the federal states) will become effective from 1st of April: The “KfW-Effizienzhaus Denkmal”. It creates the opportunity for monument owners to refurbish their historic building due to the requirements of the Department of Heritage Preservation and receive national funding for the refurbishment of energy efficiency measures. Therefore a specially qualified energy adviser for monuments “Energieberater Denkmal” will work together with the owner, architects and normal energy auditors. The adviser examines which measures can be implemented in the building without destroying the cultural value. Therefore the adviser observes the requirements of the Department for Heritage Preservation and other authorities. When the concept is ready and the energy advisor has reviewed it, the measures for energy efficiency can be funded by the KfW-Förderbank. The requirements to save energy in this funding programme are linked to the primary energy demand of the building and do not have to fulfill special requirements of the heat transmission value of the wall. That means no insulation of the exterior wall is needed to get funding. Further information is accessible on

For the qualification of the energy advisors a certification system will be developed until summer 2012. Until the first energy advisors will be qualified (probably January 2013) chosen architects will do this work. The architects can be found on