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25.-26.10.2012 | Gdansk | Poland

Pomeranian Energy Days

On 25 -26 October 2012 Gdansk was host of the Pomeranian Energy Days (PED) organised by "Pomeranian in the European Union". This dynamic event brought together research institutions, energy industry entrepreneurs and youth education animators to present and discuss about energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and the prospects of the development of these areas in the region.

One of the topics was energy efficiency presented during the second day of PED. Because it is one of the main topics of interest in the project Co2ol Bricks, the European Foundation for Monuments Protection decided to participate in this part of the event. In a promotion box visitors were provided with know-how about issues of energy efficiency in monuments and information about other project activities.

The Co2olBricks box captured great interest among young students who frequently visited the convention. Some of them, who represented the construction and architecture department of the Technical University of Gdansk asked specific questions about the future of monuments which consume large amounts of energy. One of the students even asked “What about renewable sources of energy? Is it possible to cut the consumption of thermal energy and, at the same time, replace the existing source by ecological sources?”

Pomeranian Energy Days was a great opportunity to raise the interest of students and the community to the problem of energy efficiency in historic buildings and to present the Co2ol Bricks project in good company of representatives of the green energy industry, renewable energy sources and companies that increase energy efficiency in buildings.


(source: European Fundation for Monuments Protection)