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18.-19.10.2012 | Torun | Poland

Torun - Polish capital of monuments conservation

On 18 - 19 October Toruń held two important and connected events: XVII Monuments Conservation Fair “Konserwacje” and XV Conservators Forum. First one is annual exhibition event for representatives of the services and products relating to the maintenance of historic buildings. Forum was devoted to monuments financing from EU funds and workshop on the quality and accuracy of conservation treatments. European Foundation for Monuments Protection was present at these events to learn about the latest trends in conservation and draw attention to the problem of thermal insulation of historical buildings.

First day of Conservators Forum, which was organized by Scientific Society For Organization And Management, was filed with presentations about: How EU founds, via polish programs, helping to protect monuments. Panellists showed few interesting examples, like renovation of County Museum in Toruń or maintenance work inside the Gniezno Cathedra.
Second day workshops on methods for conservation treatments, during which a special emphasis on issues of organization and maintenance of technological elements. Subject of the workshop were selected historic buildings of Torun.
During the time scheduled for exchange of opinions, a representative of the Foundation led discussion on issues of brick buildings refurbishment, in particular trying to pay attention to the methods of thermal insulation. due to the presence of conservators from across the Polish, it was a great opportunity r to conduct another survey on the problem of increasing the energy efficiency of monuments.

A parallel event in Toruń was fair “Konserwacje”, during which representatives of the Foundation looking for new technological trends in isolations of  historic buildings. Special attention deserve ecological method of internal insulation with clay presented by company BTM – Dr Jurkiewicz (“CLAYTEC” System). It is a method, created in Germany, that involves the use of clay in filling the space between the wall and the insulation.

These events made Toruń in October polish capital of monuments conservation. Thanks to fair it was possible to learn about the latest technologies in the field of maintenance. On the other hand - forum served a exchange of views and information on best practices in the renovation.

(source: EFOZ)