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15.12.2012 | Vilnius | Lithuania

Co2olBricks at VI annual Lithuanian Urban Forum

On 15th of December 2012 Co2olBricks presented their activities at the VI Annual Lithuanian Urban Forum organised by the Ministry of Environment in Vilnius (link). Experts of town planning, architecture, heritage preservation discuss current topics here.
The forum's mission is to enhance the balanced and sustainable development of cities and towns as well as boroughs of Lithuania by means of  supporting coordination and public dialog on long term development priorities, and creating and promoting up to date standards of planning. The forum's goals are to give a comprehensive look at the problems of urban modernisation the renovation of urban structures, public places in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.
The core theme of the Forum was “Modern cities and towns: Present situation, development tendencies, visions”. The discussion was held on  the following topics:

  • How to keep Lithuanian cities, towns and villages, attractive and viable, to improve people's living conditions, to use natural, cultural and energy resources rationally and prudently;
  • How to stop urban incoherence and the "ageing" of inner areas;
  • What should the Lithuanian urban policy and spatial planning system be like to, ensure sustainable development, allowed to concentrate financial resources, to promote actions and efforts in the efficient modernization of residential areas and housing?

Nearly 300 participants attended the forum program - representatives of governmental institutions, municipalities, universities, planning and design companies, researches as well as students, public, interested in town planning.Co2olBricks project activities and achievements were presented by Jurgis Zagorskas. His presentation opened the theme of cultural heritage in our towns. Two more presentations concerning cultural heritage were presented and followed by discussion on this topic.150 Co2olBricks leaflets were distributed during this event. Specialists have shown great interest in expected results of the project and more contacts were established.


(source: VGTU)