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19.03.2013 | Växjö | Sweden

Joint Regional Strategic Activity in Sweden

On 19th April 2013, Co2olBricks partner Swedish National Heritage Board had a WP3 "Joint Regional Strategic Activity" together with partner Energy Agency for Southeast of Sweden in Växjö. The target group of the workshop was consultants - energy experts and building conservators - and it attracted in total 33 participants. 

The lecturer were stakeholders and contacts built up within the Co2olBricks project: University of Gotland, Swedish National Property Board, The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning as well as Swedish National Heritage Board and Energy Agency for Southeast of Sweden. Stockholm City Museum presented the Gaswork area, valuation and selection of historic buildings. 

This workshop corresponds to the needs raised in the 1st workshop, in Visby in August 2012, when the need of interdisciplinary work was one the results of the governmental agency's workshop.

The atmosphere was vibrant in the morning of the nineteenth of March in Växjö. A couple of governmental organizations, mainly from the Co2olBricks-project, had teamed up to meet the invited consultants and discuss the implementation of the EPBD and its effects on the cultural heritage buildings and especially about the energy audit. The consultants demanded the same kind of solutions, a developed audit for cultural heritage building, that we ourselves. In the end even The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, which is the governmental organization in charge of the energy audit, used our language about the energy audit and we were very happy. The workshop was a success and proved that the organisations are on the right path. Next workshop will be in Stockholm in collaboration with Stockholm City Museum.


More information and the programme in Swedish here.

(source: Swedish National Heritage Board)