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06.06.2013 | Hamburg | Germany

Excursion to research project Passierzettel

On 6. June thirteen project partners participated in the excursion to the research and pilot project in Hamburg at Passierzettel. There are four flats, all equipped with different energy efficiency concepts. One flat has a normal convection heating and no additional insulation. This flat serves as one reference case.  Another flat has a convection heating but with 5cm capillary active internal insulation, one flat has a wall heating directly on the wall without further insulation. This flat serves as another reference case. It is reference to the fourth flat which is equipped with wall heating but there is 5 cm capillary active insulation material between the pipes of the heating system and the outer wall.

After the Passierzettel the group was invited to explore a privately owned and refurbished historic brick farmhouse, which also got a wall heating, insulated with 1 cm of clay and air infused brick balls, equipped with a thermal solar hot water system, original wooden windows with insulated panes.

As the final stop the group visited the Energy Bunker in Wilhelmsburg which is equipped with PV panels, a wood chip boiler and a big hot water storage tank to store hot water to heat the neighbouring Global quarter which consists of brick buildings.