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30.06.-07.07.| Visby | Sweden

Co2olBricks at Almedalsveckan 2013

The Political week (Almedalsveckan) in Sweden is an unique event. It takes place in the medieval city of Visby, every year the first week of July. What makes it so special is that you can meet all politicians, from every party, in the streets and this year maybe 20.000 people participated made up by a crowd of members of the political parties, journalists and other people with interest in the society.

There were also 2.000 seminars, which is a record so far, and one of this seminars was a Co2olBricks-seminar held by the Swedish National Heritage Board together with the stakeholder Uppsala University. The title of the seminar was “The energy audit - caution is the exception?” and it was in the form of a panel discussion. The panel was comprised of Therese Sonehag (the Swedish National Heritage Board), Tor Broström (Uppsala University), Lotta Bångens (Aton Teknikkonsult AB), Anna Sander (the Swedish Centre for Innovation and Quality in the Built Environment) and Otto Ryding  (The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning). Moderator was Tomas Kåberger (Chalmers University of Technology) who also is former Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency. There were many question raised and answered and one thing that all could agree upon was that there was a dire need of more, and better, education for the energy consultants regarding cultural heritage building. During the mingle that followed the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning also made it public that they intend to include a block especially for the cultural heritage buildings on the energy audit which is something entirely new and also something which the Swedish members of Co2olBricks have been advocated for.

There is also a recording of the seminar (in Swedish) here.