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18.09.2013 | Bolzano/Bozen | Italy

3rd European Workshop on Cultural Heritage Preservation (EWCHP)

The 3rd European Workshop on Cultural Heritage Preservation (EWCHP) is a European Cluster Workshop on research and development activities in the field of cultural heritage and its preservation for future generations. The workshop took place on September 16-17, 2013 and an additional training day on September 18, 2013 in Bolzano/Bozen, Italy - the portal to the Dolomites, UNESCO world natural heritage site. The event was hosted by EURAC research and 3ENCULT project.

As a part of Co2olBricks network and EU-project cooperation work – the project was represented on EWCHP training day on September 18th by work package leader Therese Sonehag and project partner Camilla Altahr- Cederberg from Swedish National Heritage Board.

The training day, coordinated by ProfessorTor Broström , focused on energy efficiency in historic buildings by the workshop “Assessment of the potential for energy improvements in historic buildings: Practice, standards, case studies (3ENCULT, EFFESUS, Sparaoch bevara, CEN). Starting from the experiences in 3ENCULT, EFFESUS and Spara och Bevara and together with representatives from European standardization groups on “Energy Efficiency of Historic Buildings” (CEN TC346 WG8) and “Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD)”, the participants discuss approaches how to best assess the potential for energy retrofit in historic building and how to best guide the development of conservation compatible solution for the specific building. Target was: architects, engineers, conservators, Local Authorities and owners of historic building. On the workshop about 30 people participated, most researchers and conservators involved in different EU-projects. The need of a procedural standard within improving energyperformance of historic buildings  was firmly established.

More information of EWCHP on 3encult homepage here.