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23.-24.08.2012 | Visby | Sweden

Workshop "Cautious energy efficiency""

The workshop in 2012 in Visby was initiated by Co2olBricks project partner Swedish National Heritage Board and was the start-up of a continous network among governmental authorities - The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning; National Property Board, Energy Agency together with Gotland University- involved in or effected by energy efficiency in cultural heritage buildings.

The starting point of the discussions was Swedish national energy goals linked to the EU 20/20/20 strategy.

Issues rised within the national research program Spara och Bevara and Co2olBricks project concluded that:

  • The connections between energy and cultural heritage could and should be clarified.
  • There is a lack of knowledge and competence as methodology dealing with energy efficiency in historic buildings.
  • The implementation of EU-directives through national building regulations and their effect on historic buildings needs to be discussed.
  • There is a missing communication within the national authorities regarding subsidies and other fundings.

Due to recently changed regulations demanding energy certificates  in historic building,  the workshop discussions and results in several ways focused on measures for supporting the process to carry out energy certificates. Like changes in the template of energy certificate, ideas on new channels for communication, competence improving measures like training programs for energy experts and building conservators. Also changing the building regulations to adapt cautious energy efficiency in historic buildings was discussed.

The report is a compilation of the background and the content of the workshop as well as a resumé and the conclusions of the group-discussions - download.