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20.08.2013 | Hamburg | Germany

The Hamburg Brick Forum - “History and Legacy – Brick as the threatened Sign of its Times”

On 20th August 2013 more than 100 architects, engineers, investors and representatives from housing companies, institutions and administrations joined the second evening of the Hamburg Brick Forum.
Hamburg City Chief Architect Fritz Schumacher shaped the Hamburg city scape with his public buildings and the residential areas of the 1920s in brick architecture. In former Prussian city and now Hamburg city district Altona, same applies accordingly for the former Building Senator Gustav Oelsner.
Prof. Dr. Dirk Schubert of the Fritz-Schumacher-Association and Prof. Dr. Peter Michelis of the Gustav-Oelsner-Association gave lectures about the particular work of the former two town master mason and their similarities as well as their differences.
Concluding, Albert Schett of the Hamburg Department for Heritage Preservation illustrated in his lecture the problems of protecting historical building structures. They range from planning mistakes and buildings physics problems during the erecting of the houses, the use of materials of minor qualities during the years of reconstruction, to mistakes by retrofitting by hydrophobising, sandblasting or not proper remodelling of gaps as well as impacts by the energetic refurbishment and insulation of facades.

During the lectures and by the end of the evening was time for several discussions.

Additionally, Co2olBricks presented some information and first results.

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