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Project Results



  • Financial model for the energy refurbishment of historical buildings - PDF - Excel-Tool
  • Territorial development concepts
    • Conservation Plan Kiel-Elmschenhagen, Germany - download
    • Värtan Gasworks Area, Stockholm, Sweden - download
    • Warehouse district in Riga, Latvia - territorial concept - report
    • „Masterplan Klimaschutz“, Hamburg, Germany - download
    • Climate Protection Strategy, Stockholm, Sweden - download
  • Merge of relevant results of several similar projects and networks - download
  • New Heritage Protection Law in Hamburg: §9(2) Integration of energetic refurbishments and renewable energies in the heritage considerations - download
  • „Stadtbild und Klimaschutz“: An information paper for administrations, politics, economy and associations - download
  • “Heritage Preservation Plans”, Hamburg, Germany - download
  • "Varsam energieffektivisering" - Start-up of a continous network among governmental authorities in Sweden, Visby, Sweden - download
  • Pilot projects with adequate technical solution for the energetic refurbishment of historic buildings, used for training programmes for craftsmen and as best practice cases for property owners stakeholders and politicians - download
  • Final report pilot project Passierzettel (German) - because of the size of the original publication in two parts - Part 1 - Part 2