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04.12.2013 | Hamburg | Germany

Learning at On-Site Classroom

On the morning of December 4th 2013 the Co2olBricks Project Partners met at the Ausbildungszentrum Bau (AZB) Vocational Training Centre and got a guided tour through the training hall for brick layers, street plasterers and for pipe layers.

Afterwards the project evaluation and the future Interreg BSR programme were presented and discussed.

In the afternoon of the day the Co2olBricks project partners held an on-site classroom on the site of the pilot project Holstenkamp and on the site of the research site Passierzettel.

At Holstenkamp the architect was present and explained in one of the buildings, which was representing all other 7 buildings, the works that were already done and are still planned to be done. Then Mr. Andreas Söhnchen of the Technical University Dresden, showed the participants first the installation point for the temperature and relative humidity gauges in the wall, outside the wall and between the internal insulation and the external wall and also the box with the technology by which the measured data is transmitted via GSM-Modem to the TU Dresden.
Afterwards the architect showed the participants the other buildings which are all in a different state of refurbishment.

Then the group was taken by bus to Passierzettel in Hamburg-Veddel. Here the 4 research flats with their convector and wall heating and internal insulation were visited. The partners experienced how the wall heating feels and how the internal insulation looks like.
Afterwards in a nearby hotel in a seminar room Mr Söhnchen of the TU Dresden gave a talk showing how the measuring is set up in Holstenkamp and Passierzettel and what data was collected. Mr Albert Schett of the Heritage Preservation Department of Hamburg presented the preliminary results and conclusion of the measuring of Passierzettel. Both speakers answered questions from the participants and discussed with them about the results.
The seminar was attended by altogether 40 people including representatives of the Department of Energy of the Hamburg Ministry of Urban Development and Environment and the house owner.