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City of Malmö

The City of Malmö with its 300 000 inhabitants has ambitious targets related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. The city’s goal is to cover its energy consumption to 100% by renewable energy, which means that energy efficiency measures need to be implemented on a large scale to meet this target.
The Environment Department cooperates with other departments of the municipality on a broad range of activities in order to continuously implement sustainability measures. In the CoolBricks project the two departments are working together to find energy efficiency solutions for a former hospital area, Sege Park. The brick houses were built in the 1930s and fill now different functions from kindergartens and schools to residential and care homes. In these houses we are going to test different technical solutions for energy efficiency which will be analyzed for their effectiveness. These measures will fit very well with other measures that already have been implemented in Sege Park, such as Scandinavias biggest PV installation, a Solar Stirling engine or large scale solar thermal collectors for hot water demands of the kitchen supplying many of Malmö’s schools.

City of Malmö
Environment Department
Roland Zinkernagel
fon: +46 40342079






Kockska Huset (source: Jörgen Lindström, Malmö Turism)