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Seminar on "energy efficiency in historical brick buildings" in Riga, Latvia

Riga City Council, City Development department organized expert seminar on "energy efficiency in historical brick buildings: issues and opportunities" on 13.10.11. in Riga. Wide range of expertise in total 75 representatives were present ensuring fruitful discussions between administrative institutions, architects, engineers, housing and building companies, universities. The seminar highlighted energy efficiency issues, as well as provided an opportunity for discussions in groups to jointly talk about the solutions to the problem of energy efficiency measures in the historical brick buildings.

One of the highlighted issues over the seminar concerned preservation of cultural value while solving technical solutions and measurements of energy efficiency in historical brick buildings. During the seminar it was concluded that chosen technological solutions (even they correspond energy-saving measures) have damaged historical value of cultural heritage so far and there are no appropriate technical solutions to meet the criteria both to protect historical buildings and in the same time not to destroy them.

So, within the project “Cool Bricks – Climate Change, Cultural Heritage and Energy Efficient Monuments” specialists will develop different innovative technical solutions and integrate them in practical applications, pilot implementation and pilot projects and wide spread these solutions during coming seminars in Riga. 



Co2ol Bricks – Climate Change, Cultural Heritage and Energy Efficient Monuments – objectives and activities - Mr. Martins Menniks (in latvian) - PDF, 0.34 MB

Architectural and historical quality of Riga Centre buildings - Mr. Jānis Krastiņš (in latvian) - PDF, 2.38 MB

Protection of cultural heritage in Latvia - Mr. Juris Dambis (in latvian) - PDF, 4.10 MB

Innovations and potential solutions of energy efficiency in historical buildings - Mr. Gatis Žogla (in latvian) - PDF, 0.96 MB

(source: Amanda Saleniece, Riga City Council)