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08.12.2011 | Hamburg | Germany

BFW Workinggroup "Energy" - Climate Protection versus Heritage Preservation (Klimaschutz versus Denkmalschutzamt)

Invited by the Bundesverband Freier Immobilien- und Wohnungsunternehmen (BFW) (Federal Association of Free Real Estate and Housing Companies) the project Co2olBricks performed a workshop in the Exhibition Center of "CO2-Sparhaus" in Hamburg. Over 50 interested participants from private and cooperative housing companies, authorities, architects, banks, lawyer offices, energy consultants and further stakeholders listened to speeches from representatives from Hamburg Monuments Preservation Department. Mr. Prahm presented the Co2olBricks project, Mr. B├╝rgener explained the importance of the brick buildings for Hamburg`s history and the new challenges concerning the energetic qualification of brick buildings. Then Mr. Schett gave detailed insights into technical problems and solutions for energetic refurbishment of historic brick buildings. After explaining their point of view a fruitful discussion started. Especially technical and financial questions had been discussed and the status of monuments and possibilities of an energetic refurbishment of brick buildings as well as funding have been a subject. In the end a new network has been created and all participants agreed satisfied to meet again in the next year.