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16.09.2011 | Hamburg | Germany

Schwan & Spehr Architects Wall Tempering System at Stakeholder Meeting

On the 16th of September 2011 the architects Christoph Schwan and Wolfram Spehr presented their wall tempering system at a stakeholder meeting in the Department for Heritage Preservation in Hamburg. 16 participants from housing companies, architectural offices and authorities listened to the informative explanations of the architects.

The low-tech-refurbishment as Mr. Schwan and Mr. Spehr describe their system reduces the energy consumption of a building by half they say. Contrary to common heating systems (60-80°C) the wall tempering system works with a low temperature of around 35°C. This means one needs only half the energy to heat the water.

Within the wall tempering system the walls work as a radiator. The aim is to heat the walls up to 21°C on the surface. That guarantees that the comfortableness for human beings is given, moisture on the surface does not appear and therefore no mold fungus will grow. Furthermore the temperature in the wall profile rises and therewith the insulating properties like J.S. Cammerer calculated it: the less moisture in the wall the more the insulation effect!

The wall temperature system by Schwan and Spehr works in new construction as well as in existing buildings. The system is installed on the inside of the outer walls: Plastic covered copper pipes of a diameter of 14mm are put in loops on the inside of the outer wall. In existing buildings the pipes can either be installed on the inside shell of the plaster and are then covered by 30mm of plaster. Or the pipes can be installed in a slit on the inside of the outer wall and are then plastered so that the wall thickness is not increased. The installation in existing buildings can be implemented even in inhabited flats during a few days. During the construction a foil wall is set up 1.5m behind the outer wall within the flat to keep the dust out.

After the installation of the system the heating system runs with 35°C. This gives the opportunity to completely supply the system by renewable energies. Solar collectors, geo-thermal heat pumps and buffers can provide a low energy house.



Wall Tempering System - Schwan & Spehr Architects - PDF, 2.1 MB