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07.05.2012 | Copenhagen | Denmark

Report about the Refurbishment of Faestningens Materialgaard published

A report, produced by Strunge Jensen A/S for Danish Building Research Institute, SBi at Aalborg University, about the Refurbishment of Faestningens Materialgaard was published right now.

The basis for this report is the project Faestningens Materialgaard, owned by Realea and carried out by Realea Byg. The project includes the restoration of four different buildings in the complex Faestningens Materialgaard. An energy analysis of the buildings was carried out as part of the project. The analysis has indicated possible solutions for how the CO2 level can be reduced whilst at the same time ensuring an internal climate which matches the applicable guidelines and directions from the Danish Working Environment Authority. These solutions have been developed in an interdisciplinary workgroup consisting of the building owners, the authorities (Heritage Agency), the architect and engineers.

This report gathers the overall conclusions from this interdisciplinary work, and will describe the cross-discipline challenges, and potential solutions, which are encountered in connection with the restoration of listed buildings.

The aim of the report is therefore to inspire other building owners who face the restoration of a listed building (with the same application) and who desire to focus on an energy-efficient solution and the internal working environment climate conditions seen as a whole. This is relevant for more than 1,000 other listed buildings in Denmark which are used for office purposes.


Report about the Refurbishment of Faestningens Materialgaard - Dec 2011 - PDF, 5.7 MB